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Ordinary Translation

Text is translated in the direction specified. The quality of the translation is determined by that of the original text. This kind of translation is suitable for most texts with the exception of complex or critical documents.

Translation with Original Text Revision

In this case the original text is processed by a technical specialist prior to the translation. The purpose of such processing is to clarify all ambiguous and inexact places that are inherent to any text document. During the revision you will be asked technical questions. The quality of the resulting document is often better than that of the original. This kind of translation is recommended for critical documents or if the original text is written in poor English that is often the case.

Translation of Web-Sites and SEO

We can create a Russian “mirror site” for your company or develop a localized version of your web-site. Practical experience shows that the site of a foreign company branch office does not always have to be an exact copy of the original site.  Sometimes it is preferable to have an adapted version consisting both of translated material and original content written for customers in Russia. We also provide search optimization and promotion of web-sites with the most popular Russian search engines (Yandex, Rambler etc.).

Makeup of Documents and Promotional Materials

The most typical translation we do for our Customers is translation of specifications and manuals in Adobe Acrobat Reader format (PDF). It can be done in fully identical layout preserving all figures, tables and formulas.

Besides we can prepare materials for a printing-house (Corel Draw, PostScript etc.) and work with drawings (AutoCad).

Editing of Third-Party Translation

Our agency provides editing and proof-reading of third-party translations. We can prepare your materials for publishing in Russia.


Full Informational Maintenance for Electric Equipment Manufacturers and Dealers

Our agency offers a full set of services for promotion of foreign companies and Russian branch offices thereof. We can develop and maintain a web-site for you, translate your promotional materials, make up and print your brochures, write articles and prepare advertisement for technical magazines etc. Having our assistance you will not have to keep some “promotional department”, pay to staff translators, and look for content-writers. We will do everything you need when you need it.

We do not translate 1000 pages a week. We do not take up ALL kinds of translations, from petrochemistry to astronomy. We do not translate into Swahili. But WE ARE EXPERTS in what we offer to our Customers.



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